Friday, July 13, 2012

Avoiding Reptiles

Komodo Dragon

Q: My doctor told me to avoid reptiles while pregnant. Is this due to something contagious about the reptile?

A: Yes, but there are other things to consider as well.

  1. Reptiles once roamed the Earth and preyed upon weaker animals, including humans.
  2. Reptiles can move very quickly. Some of them are able to spray victims with poison or sticky paralytic saliva.
  3. Native Americans considered the reptile a messenger from the afterlife, because looking at one meant you were possibly already dead.
  4. Some reptiles have no legs and are able to digest human babies.
  5. It is predicted that as the health of our planet declines, and humans become more feeble and illness-prone, reptiles may rise again to take advantage of our vulnerability.
  6. Without wanting to worry you, your doctor may have become aware that a komodo dragon is following you.

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  1. I'm quite concerned about the presence of high molecular weight proteins in reptile saliva. I've heard that the symptoms of an immune reaction from a lizard lick include hoarding, involuntary smiling, and fits of polka. Is this true?