Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Exciting Management Concepts to Super-Charge Your Authority

  • Potentialize - This super-functional combo term marries the words "potential" and "realize" or "to make real the potential." As a manager, you will be potentializing everything around you, so this is an indispensable word. Be sure to let others know when you feel you can "potentialize" their work.
  • Undervise/Undervision - Nobody wants to be "supervised," but what would you say to your "undervisor?" Undervision is the concept that we can see more from below. Increasingly, we recognize that if there is a glass ceiling, there is also a glass floor. Are you the undervisor?
  • Turbo-Target - The modern consumer is a fast-moving target, surrounded by distraction. If you want to capture attention nowadays, you will need to "turbo-target" your audience. Be sure to bring this up any time you feel something is anything less than perfect. Time to "turbo-target!"
  • S.A.L.A.D. - The S.A.L.A.D. style of management is based around the classic structure, "Say And Listen And Do." If you are saying, listening, and doing, you are a S.A.L.A.D.
  • Sticky Toes - What happens when a topic keeps coming up in your department? Perhaps it's another case of "sticky toes." Some workplaces send out a bi-weekly "Sticky Toe" memo, just to clear the air.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Safe Distance Top Searches of 2012

After tabulating all my search engine traffic, I am happy to share the hottest Internet search terms which brought people to this resource-filled website in 2012!

  1. Komodo Dragon Attack (48) *HOT TERM!*
  2. Teen Love Doll (37)
  3. Homosex (30)
  4. Fingers (25)
  5. Sperm Owl (2)
Thank you! I hope I can continue to bolster your research on these topics and more, in 2013!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: Windows 8 / SeaTac Airport Travelodge

Though I received a review copy of Windows 8 several months ago, I made a commitment to hold off on this write-up until my recent stay at the SeaTac Airport Travelodge.

And I'm glad I waited. Microsoft has been hard at work patching and refining their latest operating system, and the fruits of that labor created a perfect synergy with my accommodations at the budget-friendly motor lodge located less than five miles from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, with in-room coffee maker, cable television, air conditioning, and a free shuttle departing for the airport every thirty minutes.

As I booted up my Sony 11.6 inch SVE11125CXW with Windows 8 for the first time, I was struck by the spaciousness of my room's round wooden table with honey-colored finish, located conveniently next to two working power outlets and within reach of the air conditioning unit's control panel. I adjusted the temperature to 68ºF, which is broadly considered to be the ideal indoor temperature.

"In today's world, it's good not to be racist, and nobody knows that better than Microsoft."

Next, it was time to choose a WiFi network. (WiFi is a new method computer terminals are using for zapping information out of the sky.) However, I was unable to determine which WiFi host to select, as there were twelve options. "FREEONLINE," "TRAVEL," "TRAVELL," "Sally Holden's Hotspot"... The list was extensive! In the end I chose "Jjtom-8wifi" but this network required a password so I gave up after a few guesses.

Microsoft then prompted me to create a "temporary account." I did this by entering my full name and the password "PASSWORD." This seemed to work, but before I was able to complete the setup process I heard several loud gunshots in rapid succession, followed by rage-filled screams!

Ducking beneath the spacious wooden table, I was dismayed to discover that there was not enough room for me to fit under the bed; the bed frame was too low to the ground! Perhaps I could crawl to the bathroom, where the understated beige tile walls would offer me greater protection? But there wasn't time.

My body tensed; eyes clenched as the window above shattered with a deafening crash. Shards of wet glass sprayed across the room like an ice storm on some terrifying alien planet. Then, silence. The smell of damp air and gun smoke. I wondered, "Will the new Windows 8 Quick Resume feature allow me to pick up my profile setup where I left off?" In a word, "yes!" I was able to complete my setup with plenty of time left over to transfer to a new room and get some serious shut-eye on clean, white linen sheets under a reasonably handsome jewel-toned floral pattern polyester bedspread.

It seems obvious to me that even when things go wrong, Windows 8 and the SeaTac Airport Travelodge have got a "plan B!"


User Interface: 6/10
Sanitation: 8/10
Distance from Airport: 8/10
Gaming: 4/10
Denny's: 6/10

Overall: 7/10