Friday, October 12, 2012

Never Again: Misty Buttness-Crusade

I will never trust my real estate investments to Misty Buttness-Crusade or any member of her unlicensed firm again.

Purchasing a house on Facebook should be as painless as a Super-Poke, not complicated and expensive. I'm left with many questions about my own cyber-security. Will I ever get my $50 back? Will my relatives trust me the next time I invite them to a housewarming at an address that doesn't even exist? Who is going to cover the cost of all my irate fax communications? Will I still receive a free particle board grandfather clock with the face of Celine Dion?

These and other doubts have ruined my love life and robbed me of my sleep. I can only warn others to ignore any and all advances from Misty Buttness-Crusade on Facebook.