Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teens are Hooked on Love Dolls

FACT: Teens spend an average of $7,000 (about 45,000 yuan) on imported love dolls by the time they reach legal driving age.

FACT: Teens form "import clubs," to gain volume discounts from the governments of China, Japan, and Portugal. Disguised as academic clubs or sports training, import clubs are responsible for 68% of the distribution of love dolls to teens in America.

FACT: Studies show that if a teen does not have access to an opposite-sex love doll they will choose a same-sex doll out of desperation.

FACT: Love dolls can and do spread STDs. Many love dolls use suggestive facial expressions and hypnotic plastic fumes to lure multiple teen sex partners.

FACT: Many popular figurines sold as "toys" in America can be considered the gateway to love doll dependency. They train our youth to accept and admire the physical attributes of the love doll.

What can I do?

  1. Be suspicious of other parents. Do they seem to try to get your children "involved" a lot. They might be recruiting new members for their import club.
  2. Be suspicious of your teen. Have you jokingly remarked about the way they sometimes "act as though they're trying to hide a corpse?" They may in fact be hiding love dolls.
  3. Set a verbal trap. Mention that you're "cool with love dolls" to your teen's friends. Do they react as if this is natural?
  4. Schedule check-ins with your teen during times they commonly masturbate. Open the door abruptly and listen for the sound of small motors.
  5. Speak frankly to your teen about love dolls. Explain the reasons love dolls are dangerous.

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